Prejudice And Racism In Canada

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I went to a high school in Canada where I graduated with one coloured student, so my ideas of race are completely different from students here. Coming down here was a bit of a shock how big racial issues were, it was something I never really had to deal with at home and I hadn’t put much thought into it. One of the biggest eye opening things that happened on campus what the black lives matter march that happened last year around campus. I just happened to be going for dinner at the main dining hall when it started out in the courtyard out front. It was a new experience because there had never been protests or marches tribute to race where I grew up, I had never seen people passionate about it like I saw that night. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I was unaware of race before this happened, I have been educated on the subject, but since I believe I have become much more aware of it. I have started to realize discrimination as well as pay…show more content…
I never saw the significance that race can play in anything, and now I’m starting to see the subtle ways it works, like it has in the case of this article. I probably would have assumed the dropout rate was due to external factors that were not mentioned in the article. I would not have understood the connection between lower income families being those of colour. I also probably would have assumed that the reason that community colleges had such a high dropout rate was because it was full of kids who didn’t want to be there in the first place.
Another way my eyes have been opened about race through this course is when we talked about images of God. I had never really considered God being any other race then my own. I didn’t realize that so many different cultures had created their own depictions of God and Mary. I had no idea what Lady of Guadalupe was until this
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