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Preschool Case Study The child that I observed was named Ginger. She is a sassy little four-year old, with blonde curly hair and brown eyes. She is the average height for her age. She has a small frame and is slim. Ginger is very energetic and always happy. She is very outgoing when it comes to interacting with people. At first she seems like she will be quiet, but once you get her talking, she will never stop. She is always putting her input into conversations. Asking the group questions was sometimes really difficult, because she would always be the first one answering, which made the other kids feel like they could not participate. She likes to be active when it comes to activities. She was able to demonstrate her gross motor skills really …show more content…

She excelled in all of them. She has really good coordination with her body, knows how to work her arms and legs in order to be really fast. You can tell she loves to run around because she always has the biggest smile on her face. When we played Cat and Mouse, she was always catching everyone quickly. She can balance on one foot and hop up and down. She knows how to roll the ball in bowling, even if her aim is not accurate. The only things that I saw she had trouble with were catching a ball and skipping. We tried multiple times to get her to catch the bowling ball, when it was her turn. She just could not figure out how to. Also when we were playing Simon Says and told everyone to skip, she did not quite know how to do that and would just hop with both feet everywhere. She loves to be involved in physical activity. She also likes to have her hands be involved in activities. She can demonstrate her fine motor skills really well. Building blocks, playing with play-doh and solving puzzles were some of the activities that she really liked to do. She knew how to maneuver all the pieces with the puzzles to put them in the right order. She demonstrated the Information Processing Theory during the puzzle activity. The specific method of …show more content…

She is able to pick up on how to do certain activities quickly. She demonstrated Vygotsky Social Learning Theory with certain activities. Some of the activities such as making the necklaces, she needed help with figuring out how to put the noodles and beads on (Lev). Other activities, such as Cat and Mouse, she needed a different type of help. She needed you to demonstrate it for her first, so that she will know how to do it, and feel confident that she is doing it correctly. Once we helped her out the first time, she would then pick it up quickly and know how to play the rest of the time. In other activities, such as with the matching, sorting, and playing with the puzzles, she would demonstrate Piagets Cognitive development theory. She would learn how to accurately do those types of activities by experimenting herself. With the building blocks activity, she was trying to make a good, sturdy tower. She did not want anyone’s help, only to do it herself. After a couple times of the tower collapsing due to the lack of foundation support, she was able to see her mistake and fix it (Berger 28). From then on, she was able to build a strong tower. With the more complex activities each of the college friends had to give the children different levels of attention and help. This is referred to as Scaffolding. Ginger sometimes needed us to explain the activity in more depth or demonstrate more, whereas Alice was normally able to participate in the activity

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