Preschool Parking Areas

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As a business owner, you know what qualities make a business successful. One such quality is fairness. It’s come to my attention that your parking policy seems to favor some employees over others. Recently, you’ve decided not to allow your employees to park in the preschool parking lot, except for the employees with children. Instead, any employee that does not have a child attending the preschool must find an alternative parking space. This might not be such an issue is the preschool weren’t located on such a busy street, with no convenient parking. Luckily, the church across the street has allowed your employees to park in their lot throughout the day. However, this creates a perilous situation. Most employees, due to the proximity of the …show more content…

Though it may not be a very extensive or arduous walk, for your older employees it becomes a grueling hike, especially during the sweltering desert summers then tend to soar well over the 100’s. During my time working for you, I’ve become close to many such employees, and I know that some of them even suffer from pain in their knees and feet from a lifetime of being childcare professionals. Those that do get to use the parking lot however, are young and could easily make the commute each day so it’s unfair to make your less capable employees do …show more content…

Therefore, allowing all your employees to access the parking lot would hardly change the amount of parking space available, since most of your employees would be gone by the end of the day. Not only would this be much more convenient for your employees, it would eliminate the possibility of injury. Though I understand that it is hard to please all sides, it’s unfair to allow some to use the parking lot while others cannot. Employees have been using the parking lot for many years, so there’s no reason to change the policy

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