Presentation Outline On Stages Of Clinical Competence

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Clarisse Goue N 415: Leadership assignment Presentation Outline Transition from Novice to Expect ➢ Discussion question 1 Why are we talking about this topic precisely a month before our graduation? I. Benner’s Stages of clinical competence 1. Novice the initial stage The Novice or beginner has no experience in the situations in which they are expected to perform. The Novice also lacks of confidence to demonstrate a safe practice and requires continual verbal and physical cues. Practice is within a prolonged time period and he/she is unable to use critical thinking. The novice is not able to recognize when rules do not apply or are inappropriate for the given situation. 2. Advanced Beginner second stage Advanced Beginners …show more content…

5. Expert Fifth stage Ultimately the expert nurse has an understanding of total situations. He/she is able to perform necessary tasks without spending long amounts of time thinking or running through scenarios. The nurse has developed an instinct to know proper actions and is able to carry them out perfectly. ➢ Discussion question 2 What are new nurses biggest challenges/ what are your biggest fear as student who will graduate and soon will start your nursing career? II. New Nurses challenges • Lack of professional confidence and fear New graduate have the tendency to experience the feeling of both excited and scared because they lack of that professional confidence. They feel very excited to be where they are and happy to be with the patient. (Dyess, Sherman, 2009). • Interdisciplinary communication New graduate have some difficulties to communicate with physician and other interdisciplinary team members. For example a novice shared an experience that many other participants agreed had also happened to them: “And so finally I got him on the phone and started to explain the patient situation. He immediately cut me off and said, ‘I am making rounds. It can wait until I get there.’ And that was it. He hung up. I was simply reporting an abnormal lab value, trying to advocate for my patient. The response was so rude. You would think I did something wrong.” (Dyess, Sherman, 2009 pp.407). They also have difficulty to supervise and delegate to unlicensed

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