Wgu Professional Roles and Values

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Professional Roles and Values Project A. Regulatory agencies are government related agencies that are responsible for exercising authority in a supervisory capacity. One example of a regulatory agency is the State Board of Nursing, which is a government regulated agency. The State Board is responsible for the public health and welfare, by assuring that licensed nurses provide safe and competent care. Regulatory agencies, such as the Board of Nursing, regulate my practice by enforcing that Nurse Practice Acts are followed and they also outline standards for safe nursing practice. Another way the Board of Nursing helps regulate my practice is by enforcing continuation of education every year. (Regulatory Agency, 2015)…show more content…
Being a nurse means that I am responsible for assessing my own competencies. When situations are beyond my qualifications, I must be able to seek advice for other qualified professionals. In an interdisciplinary team meeting, other health care professionals are there to offer advice and further make an appropriate care of plan for my patient. D. Florence Nightingale’s nursing theory is probably the most well known in the nursing profession. “Patients are to be put in the best condition for Nature to act on them. It is the responsibility of nurses to reduce noise, to relieve patients’ anxiety, and to help them sleep” (Theories of Florence Nightingale, 2012). This theory emphasizes that environmental factors and adaptation is the basis of holistic nursing care. This theory is important in my opinion because it ensures that the center of focus is on the patient. When patients are hospitalized making them comfortable in a new and strange environment is important to me. Eliminating noise at the nursing station and turning down the lighting in the hallways at night are just a few ways that nurses can improve the environmental factors surrounding patients. During hospitalizations I strive to eliminate any anxiety that my patient may be experiencing. Upcoming procedures and treatments can cause tremendous stress. Simply by providing sufficient information regarding treatments or procedures can be beneficial in reducing anxiety or
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