Presentin Client Assessment

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Identifying Information
The client is a 26-year-old Hispanic male of lower-middle class socio-economic status. The client’s highest grade level completed was a technical school. He worked in a warehouse distribution section for five years until he quit. He is currently working in a warehouse in the shipping section. The client lives with both parents and ten-year-old daughter. His financial struggles make it difficult for him to move out of his parent’s house. The client’s strengths are taking the initiative to come in for counseling and recognizing that he needs help overcoming his feelings of depression. The client also mentioned that he has a strength and interest in practical problem-solving skills such as solving mathematical equations and puzzles.
Reason for Referral
The reason the client has been referred to counseling was due to physical symptoms and feelings of depression. CVIM referred the client to counseling because he mentioned to the medical practitioner that he felt anxious, exhausted, and had a lack of sleep. He later revealed to the medical practitioner that he had thoughts of suicide and was immediately referred to counseling for an evaluation.
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Furthermore, client struggles to meet the five basic needs of reality therapy. The client lacks belonging because he has withdrawn himself from friends and family. He struggles to meet the needs of his relationship with his fiancée because he feels unsatisfied. He lacks power because he feels “stuck” and unable to achieve any goals he sets. Furthermore, freedom is difficult for the client to meet because he struggles with his culture. He wishes to become more independent and autonomous but lacks the motivation to do so. Due to the report of loss of interest, the client does not enjoy fun activities that he once enjoyed. Lastly, survival is met because the client’s parents provide him with food and

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