The Theory, Existential And Adlerian

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This case study illustrates Ruth being the client. This provides background information about Ruth includes the presenting problem, the history of presenting problem and the psychosocial history. The key concepts, the therapeutic process, the therapeutic relationship, therapist function and roll comes from the three theories Gestalt, Existential and Adlerian. The case identifies and describe goals that would be established for Ruth using all three theories. This case study applies detailed techniques from Gestalt and Adlerian also providing specific examples of Ruth participating in the different techniques. Such as advice, catching oneself, lifestyle assessment, encouraging, task setting and commitment, future projection, empty chair and…show more content…
The Adlerian therapy believes that people are self-determined decision-makers free to choose the goals they want to pursue. This would be helpful to Ruth because she is not clear on who she is, aside from being a mother, wife, and student. She realizes that she does not have a good sense of what she wants from herself and that she typically has chosen to live according to others expectations of her. For the Adlerian theory the therapeutic process helps individuals become aware of their patterns and make some basic changes in their style of living which leads to changes in the way they feel and behave. This would be helpful to Ruth because she describes her life as uneventful predictable and feels panic reaching the age of 40. Using the concept of anti-deterministic from Gestalt and Existential. These theorist believe that people have the ability to change and become more responsible. This will make Ruth more responsible and not just live up to others expectations of her but her own expectations. Assisting Ruth resolve past issues by bringing them into the here and now. Bringing her feelings up to the here and now from when her father caught her playing doctor at the age of six with an eight year old boy. Gestalt theory of the here and now is useful because this would resolve repressed feelings she had about her own emerging sexuality during adolescence. Theoretical
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