Preserving The Good Within Ourselves

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Preserving the Good within Ourselves: Fiction Superhero shows and movies have become incredibly popular over the last decade. Whether you’re an adult or a child, the variety of superhero shows and movies appeal to all ages and have become an obsessive source of entertainment. With new technology, superheroes and villains that were once pages in a comic book have come to life in ways the older generation of fans would never have imagined. Ever since Christopher Reeve played Superman in 1978, three sequels and many more remakes followed suit (Yueh). Ever since the original X-men film was released in 2000; half a dozen new movies have been released every year since which totals to about 61 movies (Yueh). The Avengers along with four other films grossed more than 1 billion dollars in the box office, making movie history. What makes superheroes, as well as villains so fascinating? For decades, society had found comfort, hope, and inspiration in superheroes. The idea of having a superhero is fascinating because one person possess inherently good qualities to carry the burden of others. A superhero is kind and fearless while continuously putting others before themselves. They usually possess amazing abilities or powers, allowing them to handle a situation in a way a normal person couldn’t. They can be compared to Greek Gods, but because they also have flaws we are able to relate and connect with them. Superheroes have the capacity to single handily make the world a better place

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