President Abraham Lincoln Delivered One Of The Most Famous Speeches

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November 19, 1863 was the day when at the time President Abraham Lincoln delivered one of the most famous speeches in the American History. Lincolns brief but was powerful, Gettysburg Address described the United States as being a pivotal crossroads. While Lincoln credited with creating the “Government of the People, by the people,” it was really for the older countries.
A while after Lincoln was invited to make a few remarks at a ceremony consecrating a new cemetery for the Union Soldiers. That honor went to Edward Everett who was an academic and popular orator at the time. Everett spoke before Lincoln delivering a 13,607 word also 2-hour long speech. Edward Everett was an American politician, Pastor, editor, diplomat, and orator from Massassatchess. Between March and July of 1865, five more states ratified. The last four States to ratify did so in November and December. Georgia was the last state to ratify on December 6, 1865. November 1863, Lincoln came to Gettysburg to dedicate a portion of the battlefield as a military cemetery. In the Gettysburg Address, in less time than it took Senator Ted Cruz to read Green Eggs and Ham, President Lincoln summed up and redefined the meaning of our Constitutional Heritage of Liberty and equality for all people.
The Gettysburg Address became one of the best-known orations in American history. Banning slavery in United States narrowly passed the House of Representatives and was sent to the State for ratification. Congress of the

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