The Impact Of The Gettysburg Address

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When people think about President Lincoln, what comes to mind? Probably the Civil War, slavery, his assassination, and the Gettysburg Address, right? Well the Gettysburg Address is a historical artifact that has a huge impact on how American culture and society are today. The Gettysburg Address contributed to the Civil Rights Movement and helped Lincoln put new amendments in effect. Over the years since the speech was given, The United States has changed dramatically.
Today the Gettysburg Address is kept at the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C. The paper has turned yellow from age, the writing is elegant, and the ink is still pitch black. The cursive writing gives it an antique look as well as the paper the Gettysburg Address is written on and the wrinkles around the edges of the document shows the old age. The Gettysburg Address came from the Civil War era, which was from 1861-1865.
The Gettysburg Address was created by President Lincoln and is one of the most important speeches in American history. According to Barr, (2015) the Gettysburg Address was a remarkable endeavor for Lincoln and the president utilized it to his political advantage. Before he arrived at the Gettysburg cemetery to deliver it to the American people, Lincoln composed five different drafts of the Gettysburg Address.(Dirck, 2015) The Gettysburg Address came from a time of uncertainty, war, and change in U.S. history. It was just a time Americans were confused non the less. The old

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