President Abraham Lincoln 's Views On Slavery

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The year 1861 began a revolutionary year for the United States in which it separated our country dramatically and on a course for certain changes. This is a time where the social norm of slavery being an idea in which nobody questions is starting to change. The fight over slavery begins between the north and the south. We also see seven states succeed from the union to show their position on the current government and to prove their views on slavery. President Abraham Lincoln assumes office as president in early March, and the Civil War begins just over a month later in 1861. Becoming the first Republican president of the country, he tells us in a short speech his views on slavery. We first must understand that slavery in the south was the staple of the economy and also the fight to end slavery in the north had a lack of power. Looking at the tough situation Lincoln was in, we must see that neither side could specifically be chosen. Lincoln says in his speech “These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war.” This statement shows Lincoln believes slavery had to deal with the civil war but he does not state that this is the sole cause of the war. We must realize how Lincoln wanted to do everything in his power to keep the country unified, but also prove slavery must end. Reading Lincolns reasoning for the cause of the Civil War I believe he tells us slavery was the main reason for the cause of the civil
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