President Andrew Jackson And The Indian Removal Act

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On May 28, 1830 President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act which was undoubtedly a controversial decision that impinged a manifold of Indians. The seventh president of the United States forced relocation of tens of thousands of Native Americans to the west of Mississippi, a land so inhospitable. What were the reasons for which Andrew Jackson extracted the Indians from their Native grounds?
Andrew Jackson born on March 15,1767 in the Waxhaws regions which is between North Carolina and South Carolina. Three weeks before Jackson’s father Andrew Jackson had a sudden death at the age of 29. He is a descendant from Scottish and Irish colonists who emigrated from Ireland. He had two brothers named Hugh Jackson, Robert Jackson, and their mother named Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson . Andrew received education, but it was inconsistent before the Revolutionary War came to the Carolinas.In 1779 his brother Hugh died in the Battle of Stono Ferry. Later Jackson joined a local militia at age 13 and served as a patriot courier. In 1781, Andrew along with his brother Robert the two were captured by the British. Jackson was left with a permanent scar from his imprisonment after a British officer gashed his left hand and slashed his face with a sword because he had refused to polish the Redcoat’s boots. While Andrew and Robert were imprisoned they contracted smallpox. A couple days after the British released the brothers in a prisoner exchange arranged by their mother.Robert did

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