President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - A Great Leader Essay

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Historians and scholars have often debated the success and failures of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency since 1945. A number of scholars argue that he created jobs, boosted the economy, and helped America get back onto the road of becoming a great nation. On the other hand, it can be argued that his plans and ideas to create jobs only lasted for the short term and his acts created long-term problems. This paper will discuss Roosevelt’s life, his reforms, and both the positive or negative outcome those actions had on America. However, it must be stated, for the struggles America was going through, and the perseverance they held to triumph over their trials, was in part due to Roosevelt’s boundless leadership as president. Franklin Delano…show more content…
Foreshadowing how FDR would be in his presidency while tough times hit at every angle.
During his life he followed after his distant cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, and entered into the political and economic scene. He won a Senate seat for the New York Senate in 1910 and was reelected again in 1912. During his second term as a senator he Woodrow Wilson named Roosevelt Assistant Secretary of the Navy, under Josephus Daniels. “Roosevelt worked to expand the Navy and founded the United States Navy Reserve.” (Roosevelt, Franklin Delano). He served in that position for seven years and it prepared him for what he would face in his later years. Contrary to his cousin, Roosevelt chose to be a Democrat. In this democratic position he was chosen to be the nominee for Vice President with James Cox in 1920 going against Harding. He was defeated by a long shot, but like other trials in his life he persevered. In 1928 Governor Alfred E. Smith arranged Roosevelt to get his governor position. Almost thirteen years later Franklin Roosevelt was named the 32nd president of the United States of America. After 63 years, on April 12, 1945 Franklin Delano Roosevelt left his full, content life.
The president’s legacy is most known for taking on the country at the lowermost point, economically, in U.S. history. The Great Depression had made factories close, over 13,000,000 unemployed; workers were laid off in enormous amounts and people were in panic. The roaring twenties world was
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