President John F. Kennedy: Hero or Villain Essay

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President John F. Kennedy: Hero or Villain?
For thirteen days, the United States’ government and citizens waited with abated breath, fearing the nuclear annihilation of their great nation. These thirteen days between October 16 and 28, 1962 are now known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Briefly this crisis can be explained as a confrontation between two of the world’s greatest superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, which nearly instigated a nuclear calamity that could have destroyed both nations. The two nations had been at odds for years over their differing political ideologies; while the Soviet Union favored communism, the United States was a republic founded on democratic ideals. The provocation for the Cuban Missile Crisis …show more content…

However, the strategy did not go as planned, and Castro’s army defeated and captured the invaders. It was later exposed that Kennedy had abandoned the aid of Air Force coverage just prior to attacking; if Kennedy had given more support to the mission and investigated the situation in Cuba further, the disaster at the Bay of Pigs may have been averted. “As much as the United States tried to undermine Castro and his move to embrace communism in Cuba, the United States’ efforts only solidified Castro’s influence and increase his search for Soviet assistance.” Similarly, “the incident presented the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev with the comprehension of Russia’s nuclear credibility.” Retrospectively, it is apparent that the United States should have realized retaliation was in order from Cuba and the Soviet Union.
After the Bay of Pigs, “Kennedy’s attitude toward Cuba became a matter of pride, almost a vendetta” which led him to persist in the fight to end Castro’s regime. With the help of Attorney General and brother, Robert Kennedy, the President sought new ways to restore America’s confidence and rid Cuba of Castro. Several assassination attempts failed, and ties with the Soviet Union worsened. Robert Kennedy reported that “on October 14, 1962 shortly after nine o’clock, the President called and asked [Robert] to come to the White House. [The President] said that [the United States] was facing great trouble…[Robert] later learned that a U-2 had just finished a

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