President Nixon And The Watergate Scandal

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President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal

Table of Contents
Introduction ….. 2
Thesis Statement ….. 2
Who was involved in the Watergate Scandal ….. 3 - 4
What actually happened ….. 5 – 7
The events leading up to President Nixon’s impeachment ….. 7 – 8
The impeachment that almost occurred ….. 8
Conclusion ….. 8

What was the Watergate scandal? The Watergate scandal was where five men broke into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at the Watergate complex in Washington DC in a planned operation that would spark a chain of events that would eventually led to President Richard Nixon being the first president to resign. President Nixon was the 37th president and his role in the Watergate Scandal certainly
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Nixon lost to John F Kennedy. After that, Nixon was deeply hurt and he blamed the media for favoring his opponent. The five men that were arrested for the initial burglary were Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis, and James McCord. Two plumbers were also involved in the scandal. They were CIA agent E. Howard Hunt and former assistant district attorney from Duchess County, NY G. Gordon Liddy. The newspaper reporters that reported the scene included Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The members of Nixon’s cabinet members and key advisor were William Rodgers and Henry Kissinger as his Secretary of State. David Kennedy, John Connally, George Shultz, and William Simon as Secretary of the Treasury. Melvin Laird, Elliot Richardson, and James Schlesinger as Secretary of Defense. John Mitchell, Richard Kleindienst, Elliot Richardson, and William Saxbe as Attorney General. H R. Haldeman was President Nixon’s Chief of Staff. Deep Throat is a name given to the secret informant who provided information to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of The Washington Post in 1972 about the involvement of President Nixon in the administration in what came to be known as the Watergate Scandal. W. Mark Felt was the secret informant and a pillar of the FBI. He felt admitted to being the whistleblower of the Watergate scandal. Which he said that he felt that he did the right thing because if he wouldn’t have told there aren’t no telling how many special
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