President Obama 's The War Essay

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To understand this subject and cover all the aspects of it, we need to look to every simple and small details very carefully to find out what strategy will help us to win the war. Also, what make this effort success. It’s the view of administration on this war, can we end this endless war? When President Obama took the office, he wants to end this war. Changing the rule to more transparency, more ethical, and counterterrorism policies nimbler (Jessica Stern 2015-62). Since US army, military forces, agencies, and coalition forces left Iraq. There was a big gap in power, authority, and civil war going on. However, this wasn’t something new, it was going for ears but in small scale. Once US left Iraq in December 2011. That leaded to free movement of terrorist groups and fighter in middle east, especially Iraq and Syria. The military action is the cure for this vacuum now. “When the IS advance was stalled by coalition air strikes later this summer, IS militants and equipment melted into urban landscapes, operated at night, and distributed their forces into smaller tactical units, while limiting unsecure cell phone and radio communications. They deployed mines and improvised explosive devices to deny mobility and frustrate counter-offensives by Iraqi and Kurdish forces in Tikrit and Jalawla. Mines proved an especially effective means to passively control key areas because they are not vulnerable to airstrikes. Removal requires time-consuming and dangerous clearance techniques

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