President Truman On Domestic Policy

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Prior to watching the film series on President Truman I knew primarily that he had succeeded FDR, had made the decision to drop the Atomic bombs, and the iconic photo of the headline Dewey beats Truman. During his time as president, President Truman was roundly criticize by the American Public. Not only did he have the misfortune of assuming office from FDR one of the most popular American presidents but he also had to deal with the rebuilding of Europe, Tensions with the Soviet Union and a post war American Economy. However, with the passage of time history has been kind to Truman, and he, and the policies he implemented, and decisions he made are viewed more favorable. A primary reason for this is that many of the unpopular policies he implemented took time to be fully realized. Judging President Truman on Domestic Policy is extremely difficult because of the period he was president. He assumed Office during World War II and then had to deal with a Post War Economy and the start of a Cold War with the Soviet Union as well as the Conflict in Korea. He did however support and protect the New Deal Policies implemented by FDR, by enlarging Social security and a rise in Minimum wage. Additionally he desegregated the military, commissioned a federal review on civil rights and banned discrimination in the civil service. Based on the preceding I would have to give his domestic policies a B-. I would have to give President Truman an A+ on his foreign Policy as well as Leadership.
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