President Trump: Censoring Or Cheating?

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On Friday, February 24th, President Donald Trump and his administration blocked media giants such as CNN, and the New York Times from a briefing with Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary. Ever since, his policies for dealing with the media have been under even closer examination than before. President Trump has had issue with the media before, accusing them of publishing false stories and painting him as the enemy. He has said on numerous occasions that the media twists stories in order to try and sell their audience on a story, basically using their opinion to sell their news. But President Trump is guilty of this himself. The majority of his Presidential campaign was just him using national television to spout his opinion on religion, …show more content…

This is not how to conduct yourself in a professional manner, this is how you act in grade four when somebody calls you a mean name. Locking journalists out of meetings for personal reasons in an unacceptable policy that doesn’t take into account the collective needs of a nation. The media is involved in these meetings so the public has access to the information, and by restricting what sources people can get the information from, the President is restriction their individual rights and freedoms, specifically restricting where they can choose to get their news from. People choose where to get their information, and what they do and do not believe from each source. By banning certain media companies, Trump is censoring what people have access too. But even with his attempt to hinder media that puts him in a negative light, it only gives the reporters further incentive to write about Trump. The press that were black listed each wrote about their experience, using the opportunity to critique the President even more. I believe that President Trump is not handling the situation in a professional way, …show more content…

Not only is he sending a signal to the people in the U.S., acting like a child when faced with any sort of confrontation. But he is also showing other countries that already restrict their media that it is okay to do so, simply because they are spreading their opinions. Right now the United States administration has the right to dismiss any news as false, so the President hast the right to dismiss any information that the media is publishing. But he is not doing it for the sake of protecting citizens from false news, he is doing it because he is afraid that the media will do such a good job questioning his actions and motives, that the people of America will start to do the same thing. The main reason for this conflict is because Donald Trump is very conservative - he is trying to put America’s needs first, but to what extent can he do this without being considered an extreme isolationist? He is insulting foreign countries, and discriminating against women and people of colour, simply because he thinks that the white man is supreme, and anybody who thinks otherwise does not belong in Trump’s America. By doing this, President Trump is driving a wedge through America, disregarding the guidelines put in place before he was instated, and causing many people to question their choices during the

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