Presidential Elections As Part Of A Democratic Process

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Presidential Election
Scholars define democracy in various ways. However, they all agree that democracy is the participation of citizens in a political process without limitations. A democratic political process primarily includes free and fair elections. The essay will examine presidential elections as part of a democratic process.
Britain colonized the US, but later they gained their independence, the founders of the democratic United States came up with a system where citizens had power and obligation to elect their political leaders (Polsby, Wildavasky and Schier 16). Nonetheless, only rich white men with properties were allowed to vote. George Washington was the first American president, elected in the 1789. Throughout the years, …show more content…

Before running for the presidency, an aspirant in the US comes up with campaign themes and slogans, recruits experts, and candy stripers develop media appeals that help in organizing campaigns. The candidate then declares his candidacy for the presidency. The aspirant then registers with the federal election commission (FEC) that manages the campaign act through defining presidential candidacy registration process, as well as overseeing funding for elections. Aspirants file the raised funds and spendings on campaigns with FEC in public records.
Presidential campaigns last for around nine months before the Election, although some candidates start their campaigns even earlier. Aspirants raise funds from their savings, as well as contributions, which entail speeches, kissing babies, shaking hands and posing for photographs with all Americans of all social classes, ranging from farmers, corporate leaders, factory workers to soccer moms among others (Clawson and Oxley 179).
Candidates’ nomination involves the primaries and the caucuses, which are ways through which voters participate in nominating their preferred politicians for the presidency. The primaries refer to a general election where party members or affiliates vote to determine their preferred candidate. It is important to note that none party members do not vote in the primaries of a party.

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