Preventing Falls And Overall Patient Safety

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As a hospital administrator I will do everything in my power to try to avoid falls and overall patient safety. Unfortunately falls will happen but there are methods that can be implemented to prevent falls. The necessity to decrease them is very imperative. Preventing falls needs the vigorous commitment of numerous people. To move towards the right direction, good prevention involves administrative values and effective practices that encourage cooperation and communication, in addition to specific knowledge. As a hospital we have to adhere to the Joint Commission’s rules and regulations. Training would be the first step within the hospital. Staff training will happen multiple times throughout the year and there will be geared towards …show more content…

When the surveyor did their due diligence the outcome was the registration team did not feel comfortable and they should not be the ones to make a vital call. The clinical staff should also respond to a patient within a timely manner if not the patient might take it upon themselves to try to get up and that can result in a fall. Timeliness is key component to help prevent falls. For the patients we can have pamphlets available at bedside to have tips on when to call a nurse for help to get out of bed and other things to look at, for instance there are many wires and tubes in a patient room and they need to be cautious of their surrounding so they don’t mistakenly fall. Patients need to know the importance of safety. The hospital environment can also play a role to help prevent falls. The hospital can make sure what it not needed can be cleared away, no clutter, wires hidden, medicines locked up etc. also the staff should make sure all of the equipment is working properly so it does not harm any patients. Maintenance staff should make sure all spills are cleaned and any construction sites are blocked off.
Everyone in a hospital should get the proper training to reduce falls, the more training the staff receive the better at understanding how important it is to keep patients safe. Medical malpractices are usually presented when patients claim they have been injured or wounded because of deprived medical care or incorrect findings from a healthcare worker such as a

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