Preventing Teen Pregnancy : Tierra T. Banks

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Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Tierra T. Banks
Southwest Tennessee Community College

The purpose of this research paper is to provide different ways to prevent teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy has become a very common thing with young girls nowadays. There are many ways to decrease the number of young girls getting pregnant. Evidence shows that a lot of time teens who get pregnant are usually poverty stricken or dealing with some type of struggle in life. With the help of parents, the community, and peers, there could be a significant decrease in teen pregnancy. Babies should not be having babies at all. After reading this paper, there are hopes that you can go out and prevent teen pregnancy along with others. Many people do not understand the severity of this situation; however, teens getting pregnant will change their life forever. A lot of time their parents will end up taking care of the babies. This is more evidence that babies should not be having babies.

Teen Pregnancy The rate of teen pregnancy in Memphis, TN continues to rise every year. According to one internet article, “Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a young person might ever face when it interrupts school or other plans” (“Teen Pregnancy” 1). It puts stress on teens and many end up dealing with poverty. Even though this problem exists, many young girls continue to have unprotected sex and become a statistics. This is a difficult dilemma for girls and…
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