Pride : The Enemy 's Devices

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Pride is one of the enemy’s devices used to cause believers to self-destruct. There are many different forms of pride in operation daily, most of those ways people may not even realize. My prayer is that through this chapter, those ways are revealed and encourage you to self-examine and prepares you to go on a journey of removing all pride from your heart and spirit.
Has anyone ever tried to help you with anything and you found yourself saying “It’s okay, I have it?” Perhaps someone has tried to give you something when you were in need and you turned it down…these are simple ways that the spirit of pride can be in operation without us realizing it. When someone makes us an offer, it is better to ask God if it is His will for us to take it rather than completely turning it down; God may have sent that person to be a blessing.
Another form of pride is competing with others. When we find ourselves in competition with others, we lose sight of the vision God has set for us, and even who we are. Competing with other people can send us to a place of idolatry; where we are idolizing ourselves. When we operate in the spirit of pride and find ourselves competing, we place ourselves higher than others and if we are not careful, we can even find ourselves putting us and our desires as equal with God, if not greater. This was the issue that occurred in Heaven with Lucifer. The word of God states in Luke 10:18 that Lucifer fell from Heaven “like lightning!” This occurred because Lucifer

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