Primary Source Analysis of Queen Elizabeth I Essay

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This essay aims to analyse two historical primary sources in relation to Queen Elizabeth I, also known as the ‘Virgin Queen’; the essay will attempt to use the source in order to understand what it is able to reveal about the past and her influence during her reign. The first source to be analysed consists of a portrait of the Queen in her late sixties produced, apparently, by the French born artist Isaac Oliver in the sixteen hundreds. In his portrait of the queen the artists, despite her age, presents Elizabeth I as a healthy young woman who is still fit to rule her country; he maintains the idea of the Queen being an iconic figure to look up to. The second source that will be analysed in order to understand the past is a written…show more content…
Furthermore, Queen Elizabeth I during her speech in Tilbury assigns herself the role of being the ‘general, judge, and the rewarder of every one of’ the virtues carried out by her troops on the field, the term ‘judge’ further endorses the notion of Elizabeth having the characteristics of a God as he is the true judge who decides those to be rewarded with acceptance to Heaven or punished in hell. On the other hand it can be argued that the sources are suggesting that the Queen is not being portrayed as a God, instead highlighting her devotion and reliance on religion. For example, in both sources it is clear that the Queen was concerned about the religious aspects of her rule and therefore attempts to incorporate it in everything she does. In the Rainbow Portrait the eyes and ears decorating her dress may simply be showing that Elizabeth puts all her trust in God to lead her to victory. This is similar in her speech when she states that she will ‘live or die amongst you all- to lay down for my God’. It is clear that the Queen is willing to risk her life for her creator, also highlighting that the battle would be fought was for the sake of God, not for her. Despite the two arguments it is clear that while she would have been viewed, by her
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