Primate Groups

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The major primate groups are divided into two groups. The first main group are the Strepsirrhini’s, also called prosimians and include, Lemurs, Lorises and Galago’s. The second main group of primates are called haplorrhines and include, monkeys, apes, and humans The Strepsirrhini group are “more primitive than other primates such as monkeys and apes.” (3). Lemurs have olfactory communication, have stink and spur fights. Lorises are known for their “nocturnal behavior and are extremely slow in locomotion”. (3). Galago’s also called bush babies because their calls sound similar to an infant, they can jump about 8 feet from a sitting position and have very strong eyesight. The Strepsirrhini’s group have a relatively long rostrum and a wet nose
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