Primates at the Lowery Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida Essay

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At the Lowery Park Zoo located in Tampa Florida, I was able to conduct a field project on primates. These primates that I focused on are divided into the suborders Anthropoidea and Prosimii (. The first primate on my list is classified as a prosimian, the Ring-Tailed Lemur or the Lemur catta are located on the African island of Madagascar. Next I turned to the Mandrill or Mandrillus sphinx that fall in the suborder of Anthropoids, these monkeys are located in Nigeria, Africa. Lastly my attention was drawn to the Siamang Gibbon or Symphalangus syndactylus who also fell in the category of Anthropoids and are located in Malaysia and Sumatra. These monkeys all being related do have many differences among them as well as comparisons as I have …show more content…

As my observation continued I noticed they are constantly digging in search of something and when they have found an item of interest they immediately sniff to possibly get a better sense of what they have in their possession. Upon looking at the Mandrill monkeys they have a nub for a tail that usually arches and lays against they back and when on high alert it is stiff and stands at a vertical angle. As I moved on to the Siamang Gibbon who inhabits rainforests in the mountain regions they are the largest of the three monkeys I observed. They have much longer forelimb than their hind limbs and as for their usage of scent I haven’t observed any type of action. In this species I observed no tail just fur all over. In comparison, us humans have longer legs and arms that are at an appropriate length in relation to our legs and throughout our lifetime we have used our arms to climb and hang from a number of things. As for the way we use our nose we don’t have that sharp of a scent to sniff out hormones that are projected when we find someone attractive but we both share the forward facing eyes. While watching each species in their enclosure they each get around in a way that best suits and supports them. While watching the Ring-Tailed Lemur that briefly walked around, I’ve noticed it preferred to walk with all fours on the ground and on the platform stationed inside the enclosure where it also sat in an upright position. Since

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