Primates, Humans, And Humans

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Primates, unlike humans are found only in tropical or subtropical regions of the Americas, African, and Asian continent. Primates come in different sizes and shapes. They range from Lemurs as small as, Madame Berthes Mouse Lemur to the largest primate living known as the Eastern Gorilla. Primates, similar to humans are species that play an important role in maintaining and influencing our ecological system. They maintain the forest system between animals and its resources by taking on various roles such as being herbivores, pollinators, and seed dispersers (Chapman & Peres, 2001). However, over time many species of primates have become endangered and are threatened with extinction due to human activities such as Habitat Destruction, Hunting/Bush meat, Pet Trade, and Diseases. “It has been estimated that more than 50% of all primate species are faced with some sort of threat” (Chapman & Peres, 2001). Leaving us with an increasing number of discovered and undiscovered primate species endangered or at the brink of extinction. Primates are threatened by many different factors but Hunting and Habitat Disturbance has become the most common threats to primate survival. As the human population continues to grow and thrives to meet its daily needs and resource demands (Oates, 2013). In other words, forest areas are altered for urban and economic development through agricultural expansion, logging, mining, road expansions, water projects and cattle grazing (Mittermeier, 1988).

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