Primus Cannabis Strain Research Paper

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Primus Cannabis Strain
Primus Cannabis Strain, or “Primus OG,” is a heavily Indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% Sativa) strain. This herb possesses a super sweet flavor of fruity pine and a touch of earthy woodiness upon exhaling that’s slightly pungent. The aroma of this strain is very spicy and sour with a fruity overtone with the perfect accents of pungent earth and pine. Primus Cannabis Strains buds have round and airy dark forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of super sticky sweet resin droplets.
Type of High
Primus Cannabis Strain provides a long-lasting euphoric high that is both energetic and relaxing. The high of this strain suggests a happy creative lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling insanely

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