Prince Hall Research Paper

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You have heard the saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know?” Well, Blackman, certain doors are closed to you in life. However, Prince-Hall Freemasonry will show you how to unlock and open these doors, which will in turn, allow you to receive more "light" (i.e., gain knowledge of how the world really works and more about what has been concealed from you as discussed here). Masonry shows you the things that are hidden from you, yet hidden in plain sight, if only someone will take the blinders from your eyes so that you can really see what's going on (kind of like a racehorse) and see the game being plaid on Black People and humanity as a whole. Blackman, you have been programmed by your former slave-masters to have tunnel-vision and to look only in one direction (to White…show more content…
They initiated him, a Black Man, into Freemasonry and gave back this lost knowledge, of who the Blackman truly is, and other truths of his greatness and power back to him. Prince Hall was then given a Charter by the Freemasonic-Grand Lodge of England, to form his own African (Prince Hall) Lodges in America to instruct these secrets and other secrets to additional, worthy and well-qualified Black men who are also seeking knowledge (the light of truth). IT WAS GOD'S WILL ALL ALONG FOR US, HIS PEOPLE, TO REGAIN THIS KNOWLEDGE SO THAT WE CAN COME BACK TO HIM FROM OUR DISOBEDIENCE!!! So, there you have it, My Brothers. Here is "light," and these are your instructions-SPREAD THE TRUTH!!! Hopefully now, in the 21st Century and beyond, you can understand better, from reading this book, the pathways by which the Black Man may obtain and live by that necessary “light” which Mr. Willie Lynch and his fellow, slave masters hid from you for over 300
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