Principal Week Of August Summary

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Everything begins in the principal week of August when three things occur at that day. The first was that Mae Tuck was coming to Treegap wood, woods which were claimed by the Foster family. The second occasion was the point at which the man with the yellow suit thumped on the Foster's home. The third one was when Winnie Foster chosen to flee. Winnie Foster was sick of her family's strictness and needed to flee and live in her life in total flexibility. She chose to flee on the beginning of the following day.

The Tuck family were a family that lived not far from the forested areas, and the day Winnie fled, Mae Tuck went to meet her two children, Jesse and Miles, for she hadn't seen then for around ten years. The incident is the Mae would meet them in the Treegap woods. The man with the yellow suit thumped on the Foster's home, however Winnie Foster's grandmother declined to converse with him or let him in. As Winnie fled, she goes further into the forested areas and finds a spring of water. Notwithstanding, she finds a kid alongside the spring drinking from it
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Miles' better half left him and the greater part of the Tucks' companions thought they were witches and were identified with dark enchantment. The Tucks at that point needed to move from place to put now and then to evade doubt from individuals. The Tucks revealed to Winnie that they didn't intend to abduct her, yet they had no other decision. Winnie, ten years of age, needed to go home, however felt adored by the Tucks. In Treegap, the man with the yellow suit came to visit the Fosters, this opportunity to disclose to them uplifting news. He disclosed to them who seized their girl and where are they, however he needed the forested areas in return with returning Winnie. The family had no real option except to
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