Principles Of Influence And The Psychology Of Persuasion

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Title: Principles of Influence and the Psychology of Persuasion
Have you ever pondered on why you buy the useless odds and ends sitting in your junk drawer? What made you purchase the tread climber that you collects dust in the corner of your living room? Why did you get the Instyler when your straightening or curling iron works just as well? Why do you acquisition the name brand cereal instead of the cheaper alternative? Dr. Robert Cialdini provides an explanation in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.
Cialdini lists six important influencers, using the
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Likability is an important aspect of persuasion. It is no coincidence that actors and actresses are all attractive people; they make you want to see their works. The same applies to Sales Reps. This phenomena is known as the “Halo Effect,” which refers to the idea that attractiveness enhances our perception of the expertise of that person or persons. If you are not up to par to today’s beauty standards, try a few techniques to become more likable:
Listening-When dealing with customers, call them by their name, be interested in what they have to say, and ask questions. Attentiveness is an important skill for anyone involved in sales.
Praise-Complimenting your clients is a good way to increase your likability and make that person’s day at the same time. Try to be as sincere as you can and compliment something you actually like about that person.
Positive Association- Positive association links your product with desirable things. For example, everyone knows the brand Mercedes to be all about luxury. Brands such as these use attractive models, the idea of luxury, and exclusivity to get their client base to associate their brand with something their customers need to have. Positive association is a very powerful tool in marketing.
Contrast- Get your customers to have a higher opinion of your product or service by comparing it to a worse
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