Prison Overcrowding : A Negative Effect On The Inmates

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When a prison becomes overcrowded its intended mission and goal becomes more difficult for the administration to achieve. It can have adverse effects on the lives of inmates, correctional staff, and even cause those released from prison to fall victim to recidivism after release. The objective of this paper is to critically analyze and research this issue in order to come to some conclusions about this issue, and the credibility of the resources used. Overcrowding in prisons has a negative effect on the inmates both during the sentence and even after.
The first article I read was “Contemporary Prison Overcrowding: Short-term Fixes to a Perpetual Problem”. After reading it I took away a very practical understanding of the issue. The reading, although somewhat dry, included causes, consequences, and possible solutions to overcrowding in prisons. I particularly liked one of the presented solutions which was for the federal, state, and local institutions to give more careful consideration during the classification of custody. For example, some inmates are in restrictive custody when their sentence may be better served in a halfway house or on parole.
The second article I chose was “Does Prison Crowding Predict Higher Rates of Substance Use Related Parole Violations?”. This was a more recent article and included many helpful statistics, was easy to read, comprehend, and included multiple angles. The article even included test studies and data charts. The charts showed the

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