Prison Overcrowding And Its Affects On The Prisoners Essay

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Research Findings There are many research studies discussing prison overcrowding and its affects on the prisoners, but it is also important to know how and why overcrowding occurring. To start with a summary, a growing increase in arrests, a lack of opportunity for parole, and longer sentences being given to offenders (Chung 2000) are three main reasons that prison overcrowding is occurring. Since the war on drugs, prison systems have been shipped inmates to stay elongated sentences in their prisons. Inmates who have committed non-violent crimes are also hauled to the prisons, filling the cells and any space that the prisoners had. It is an epidemic that needs to be discussed and fixed in order to ensure a better rehabilitation for prisoners and a better quality of life. When discussing over crowding in the United States prison systems, we have to look at how cruel it really is. The reality of it is that there are 1.8 million people imprisoned in a system built to hold a significant amount less than that. This leads to poor living environments for the prisoners. An analysis Living conditions in prisons and how it violates the Eighth Amendment is what Chung did for her research, and what she found is shocking. Chung described cells that are meant to hold one person packed with three people, a lack of privacy for these prisoners, and lack of basic necessities (Chung 2000). This includes a lack of medical attention, lack of recreational time, and higher risk of tension
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