Privacy And Privacy Analysis

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Intimacy and loyalty are like best friends, because you can be loyalty to something without any type of intimacy involve. It also can be toxic, causing a person to become badly affected, where they aren’t themselves nomore. Similar to losing your self-respect, because you give all your attention and time towards them instead of yourself. Despite the analysis of intimacy and loyalty within 1984 and Lord of the Flies, it becomes clear that intimacy and loyalty affects privacy by not allowing ones to think for themselves, and limit of freedom. 1984 was very strict, where you weren’t allowed to be yourself or even have a personality. Big Brother created fear in the citizens which force them to become loyalty to him, thinking it would keep …show more content…

In the same way “ Lord of the Flies,” had the concepts but different settings and time frame. The book is very interesting, but it get very shaky when the young boys start to separate in two groups, causing several conflicts. “Ralph wept the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and he fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.” Piggy is a loyal friend, because he stand up for him when Jack despites Ralph leadership, and encourage all the others to stay true to their leaders. Due to Jack power over the others and the fear he put in them, Sam and Eric didn’t buy into it, because they knew the danger Jack have behind him. Ralph didn’t want war, but he wasn’t going to settle to be rule by a person who is cruel. Major of the boys who were with Ralph betrayed him, because Jack able to frighten them. Jack capacity to create loyalty proves stronger than Ralph’s, even leading them to become murderers. Jack simply uses the own boys desires in order to create the loyalty towards himself and to build his tribe.

1984 and Lord of the flies, affect privacy by brainwashing a person to have loyalty/intimacy for the party/leader in order to gain power. Controlling is a definition for both the novels, because they wouldn’t let a person be able to officially be themselves. Unable to think straight or better “not having their own thoughts”, both the novels expresses leverage

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