Private Law and Civil Law: What is a Contract in Australian Law?

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According to the case study, Nathan had newly arrived in the country and holds a refugee visa. He wasn’t aware of what a contract is and the main general issue arouse in the beginning was that he hardly understands English. As he was new in the country and was looking for a telephone to get connected to his family back overseas, he thought this would be a great opportunity and that is what made him indulge in the contract. Furthermore Nathan was not fully guided by John about what is a contract and while briefing him about the contract. John knew that Nathan was unable to understand clearly what he was offering to him. In order to reach the conclusion and sort out the legal issues the knowing of Australian legal system is must. The legal system of Australia consists of Sources that are parliament and Judges which is subdivded into federal or state and common law or equity.
 What is a contract Law ?{ Contract law is a branch of “Private Law” and “Civil Law” defining private law completely refers to the relationship between people and Public law is dealing with persons and organization. It distinguishes itself from Criminal Law as in contract there is compensation involve in essence of claim unlike the punishment for wrongdoing in Criminal Law. In a contract generally one party sues other party for compensation. The most important and relevant Legislation is trade practices Act1974 that are concerned in contractual matters. The legislation states some amount of…

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