Pro And Con Essay On Abortion

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The issue of abortion is a topic in which people have strongly contrasting views. I will examine both sides of the argument, specifically whether or not abortion should be illegal and then come to a conclusion.
It is claimed that when a baby is conceived, life is started. Taking that babies life is the same as taking another person’s life, which in this society, is viewed as wrong. So why is abortion different? Many women (who’s pregnancy is unplanned) discover they’re pregnant around 4/5 weeks into the pregnancy. At this point in your pregnancy, the foetus has developed a heart which only has one chamber rather than four, but the babies heart still beats at 100 beats per minute. Most abortions must be carried out before twenty-four weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, the babies brain has grown rapidly and their lungs are developed enough to help her survive, if she was born prematurely. This is the latest stage that a woman can have an abortion and at this point, the baby is a human being and would be able to survive if
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(Statistics from Rape is never the victims fault so why should the women carry the child that was conceived against her will. Well, hypothetically let’s say that she delivers the child and a few years later she no longer wants the child because it brings back bad memories. Would she have the right to murder the child? No because he is a human and under Article 2: The Right to Life, no one can try to end your life, no matter the circumstances of your conception. This still applies to when the child is still inside their mother as they are a living being. Another argument that ‘Pro-Choice’ people make is that there isn’t enough land and resources for the growing population so abortion is in a way, population control. However, would you kill a born child because you thought there were too many for the planet? The answer is no, because taking a life is
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