Pro And Negative Effects Of Medical Technology

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Though underappreciated, advancements in medical technology are imperative to the success of the human race as a whole. For instance, some of the most common medical procedures such as amputation, surgeries, the modern ambulance, and anesthesia inhalers were created and popularized during the United States Civil War (Rowe). Both during the civil war and currently, the advancements decrease death tolls while making modern and future treatments safer, faster, and overall more efficient. They have also given the more prevailing advancements a stepping stone to develop and grow from, allowing the forthcoming medical technology to further advance. We see this same pattern happening perpetually, creating a loop of advancements that continue to build upon themselves and each other.
"The U.S. has the most medically advanced medical care system in the world. However, its services are mainly available to the affluent and middle-class consumers who have the financial means to demand these services (Botehlo 1991)" (Dewar). Full medical care isn't always readily available to all; only those who may afford it have access to it. This is a result of the cost of the services themselves being higher, due to the lack of supply (so to speak) and a growing demand. However, Dewar stated, "The practice of defensive medicine had an indirect impact on technology utilization through the pressure for increased availability of technology" (Dewar). These pressures have encouraged the United States as a

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