Pro Life And Pro Choice

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• Pro-life and Pro-choice points out our attention toward the fetus, the other emphasizes the pregnant woman. o Pro-life supporters emphasize the issue of the rights of the unborn. o Pro-choice supporters stress the importance of the rights of the pregnant woman.
• The criteria of personhood is necessary to specify what we mean by a person.
• Initially, much of the debate about abortion centered around the question of the moral status of the fetus – In particular, if and when the fetus is a person. o It began sufficient conditions, which are conditions that if present would guarantee personhood. The structure of the argument looks like this: Criterion to personhood to right to life. The transition between these three pieces are where justification is needed. o A number of criteria have been advanced for personhood. Some of these result in conferring personhood quite early in fetal development, sometimes from the moment of conception. Some examples of the criterions are listed below.
▪ Conceived by humans criterion is any one conceived by human parents is considered a human being.
▪ The genetic structure argument maintains that a human genetic code is a sufficient condition for personhood. All the genetic information for the fully formed human being is present in the fetus at the time of conception; therefore, it has the rights of a person.
▪ Physical resemblance criterion claims that something that looks human is human.
▪ Presence of a soul criterion is often evoked by
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