Pro Seminar Theory Course Restoration Exam Essay

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Pro-seminar Indvidual Theory Course Restoration Exam Based on a systematic review of liertature on the dissertation topic: attituides of Arab Americans toward persons with developemntal disabilties, a researcher defines what does mean by a theory and identify those thoeies that were discssied in the litertute and how they underpin the examination of Arab American attitudes toward persons with developmental disabilities. Futhermore, a researcher provides describtion to theories that were utlitiezed in the study, and application of selected thories were discssued. Lastly, a disscsion on what have been learnred from those thories in reltionship to the study topic. Theoretical Framework According to Payne (2005), a theoretical framework serves as a guide in a research study and can help us determine what decisions we need to make how to choose between alternative choices and solutions. From the social work perspective, a theory is “a construction, interacting with a real world of social relations, but because it is a construction, we are able to adapt and develop it as we practice, just as we can help clients to develop and adapt by our practice. To do so, we need to have ideas to direct, manage and inform what we do” (Payne, 2005, p.4). A simple definition by a theorist scholar Bent Goodley (2009) describing a theory as a language for us to move from observation to another and this what make us think about different situations. A theory can explain these situations directly

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