Probation Vs Rehabilitation

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The Rand Study is an example of how an existing corrections process is not work effectively to serve the public and how stakeholders need to coordinate better in terms of laws, management and funding. The correctional system is responsible for housing and care of prisoners in addition to facilitation of court sentencing. This has become a problem because of the continued growth in the prisoner population and burgeoning of resources needed to support an offender who is committed to the prison system. Probation releases a convicted individual into the community rather than committing the offender to jail, the person is supervised by an probation organization instead (Nieto, 1996).

California led community correctional programs during the 1960's – enacting The Probation
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This study was reminiscent of the Martinson study in terms of how the findings were not consistent with the existing policies. Both studies illuminated a disparities in how correctional strategies were being applied. While Martinson rebuked contemporary rehabilitation policies, the Rand study reenforced arguments towards restricting who is should be allowed probation. The realities however are hard to overcome - organizational mechanisms are already in place, decision already formed and stakeholders are encamped.

This leads to a salient point. The concept of probation changed after the 1960s. The focus changed from offender based to triaging the existing organization practices. The intentional goal with probation was to rehabilitate the criminal. This goal changed sometime during “get tough” policies, higher drug crimes and budget constraints on prisons and probation officer case loads. With rising populations and increasing offender rates, the correctional system has not kept abreast in terms of facilities and correctional
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