Problem Based Learning Scenario Essay

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Problem Based Learning Scenario

“Mrs Moonshine is visiting the paediatric community clinic. She I seen by a practise nurse and discusses the MMR vaccine with him. She is concerned about her child Henry, who is due to receive the vaccine. She has read reports about the vaccine and brings an article about a study which she has read to the clinic and wants to know why the medical community does not respect it. The practice nurse declares that the study was methodologically flawed and lacked internal validity. Later Mrs. Moonshine demands that Henry is given the three vaccines as separate injections. The practise nurse insists that this is dangerous and offers to refer her to the immunisation
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This body was names the District Immunisation Coordinator (DIC) in 1985 and was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Services through all the relevant health authorities.[1]

“In 1988 the main objectives of a DIC were highlighted to include:

* Coordinate the work of all those involved with immunisation

* Establish a commitment, with all concerned, to immunisation

* Provide training and updating of all staff involved in immunisation

* Maintain an up to date register of all children in the district

* Give feedback and follow up poor results

* Establish an advisory service

* Take specific action to deal with "difficult families"

* Mount local campaigns

* Ensure immunisation is readily available. “ 1,[2]

The qualities of the DIC must include understanding of current immunisation programmes and the inner workings of the health service. This must be married with the ability to be a part of a team and to lead others, a clinical knowledge is not necessary but it may help in understanding vaccines in depth. Predicting inevitable problems and having the solutions to those problems remain a pivotal required skill as a DIC. 1

District health
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