Problem Of Identity Theft Essay

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Identity theft is the fraudulent acquistion and use of a person private identifying information, usually for finacial gain. Identity theft can happen to anyone, it can happen several different ways. A lost or stolen wallet which has personal information in it, credit cards, mail that has been thrown away, and over the internet. Your personal information can also be stolen from stores you shop at, your doctors office, or even your childrens school. Identity theft can cause problems upon a person such as financial problems, credit issues, problems with the law, and legal problems. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Over nine million people have been victims. This problem needs to be solved because there are millions of people in the United States whose lives ruined from this crime. The reasons people commit identity theft are because of the easy money and revenge motives. Unemployed people can use a persons identity to open accounts or steal money from accounts. A person could have an enemy that can destroy your identity just to cause problems in your life because they do not like you for personal reasons. Criminals can also use your…show more content…
People need to be educated about this crime. Identity theft is growing daily. There are young children already having there identity tarnished because of their careless actions. One problem is people trust the internet for everything. Teens and adults will put their personal information on the internet for the entire world to see.. It is not only the youths fault but its also the parents fault for being careless and allowing youth to have such free access to the internet without proper monitoring. People need to be more strict and educate their children on what to disclose on the internet. There are millions of computer hackers and criminal websites waiting for the right opportunity to commit this type of
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