Problem Of Poor Health In The United States

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The United States was once one of the most healthiest countries in the world ranking second, but after some years the United States has plummeted to rank thirty-seven. The current problem of poor health in the United States is caused by the United States government’s lack of innovation in keeping America healthier that has damaged every American’s evolution to stay healthy in the day and age of technology. According to The State of Obesity there are now four states that have over thirty-five percent of their citizens who are obese, all states having above twenty percent obesity rates and thirty percent in twenty-five states. All together over thirty-five percent of the United States population is obese (including super obese) that and of…show more content…
According to David Robson a reported for BBC disease has always been a problem because, “we’re in closer contact with other people who may be carrying germs. We’re more likely to take public transport, for instance – and as we’re pressed against sputtering commuters, misting up the windows with their coughs and sneezes, it’s easy to see how this could send us over a tipping point that allows flu (and other diseases) to spread through a population.” Due to the amount of people who are living together and for the amount of people who are taking public transport there is an increase in how many people who are getting sick and staying in constant poor health. Close quarters aren’t helping with this either especially with larger families that are in smaller apartments and are constantly with each other. Another problem that is causing poor health is lack of health classes, kids and young adults are not being taught properly by their…show more content…
Yes, adults are the ones who teach kids both healthy and unhealthy habits, adding to this most adults do not have even the slightest way to go about teaching children how to live healthier lives. By providing children with classes in school they will be able to learn how support healthier lives, and teach the next generations to come, or even old.
No matter where you turn with our Nation’s current state of health as a whole you always end up at the government. Lack of classes from the U.S department of education run by the government, control of infrastructure run by state governments, incomes controlled United States department of labor which is controlled by the government. There is a cycle to the poor health of our nation, and at the end of every cycle it comes to the last and first step, the United States
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