Informative Speech Obesity

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“Obesity is a disease that affects more than one-third of the U.S adult population (approximately 78.6 million Americans). The number of Americans with obesity had steadily increase since 1960, a trend that has slowed down in recent years but show no sign of reversing”. Individuals with a body mass index of 30 or higher are considered to be obese. Body max index is the way you are able to calculate a person’s health conditions based on their height and weight. As students, we should prevent ourselves from making unhealthy choices that we will later regret in the future. I myself have family members who are obese. This encouraged me to spread awareness for those who have lack of knowledge on obesity. In this speech, I will inform you the three different causes that cause obesity. First, I will talk about how poverty influences unhealthy eating habits that lead to obesity, then I will discuss how the lack of physical activity increases your chances for obesity, and finally how genetics play a big role in obesity. Transition to 1st Main Point: First, I will talk about how poverty influences the choices you make when deciding what food to consume. Low income families suffer the most when it comes to health issues. Low income families are not able to consume the food they desire due to the high prices. Cheap food such as fast food is easier for low income families to consume because they do not cost as much as some healthy meals. According to Adam Drewnowski and SE

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