Problem Oriented Policing

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Problem oriented policing, hot spot policing, and directed patrols are three popular systems in which law enforcement have adopted over the past years to develop a more productive style of policing practices. Researchers have spent money and valuable time looking at these practices to see if they are effective. Hot spot policing, directed patrols, and problem oriented policing are effective methods in reducing all forms of crime. There are important factors to look at in this research to determine whether the running hypothesis is correct and these policing styles are reducing major types of crime. In addition to examined research two tables from two different studies will be examined to help support the notion that these policing styles are effective in reducing crime. In a small survey taken recently of how effective people think directed patrol, hot spot policing, and problem oriented policing is, 12% of respondents disagreed, while 88% of those that responded agreed that these policing styles were effective.
Importance to North Carolina Problem oriented policing, direct patrol, and hot spot policing is relevant and important to North Carolina on several accounts. For one North Carolina is a growing state, and also has a rich history of traditional law enforcement practices. Most law enforcement agencies in North Carolina are smaller agencies which have relied on the same policing styles for the last have century. There are cities that are growing fast in

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