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Problem Set #2 Ec 370 Summer, 2013 Michigan State University M. Naretta 1. Another popular sport on SASN is One-out, Two-base baseball. In this sport there are, obviously, two bases: home and 2nd. The batter hits the ball and runs to 2nd. If he or she (it’s a co-ed sport) gets a hit, then the batter is on second. If it’s an out, then the inning is over and the other team gets to bat. Suppose that it’s a hit. Then the next batter bats with a runner on 2nd base. If that batter makes an out, the inning is over. If that batter gets a hit, the run scores and the game and his or her team wins. The probability of getting a hit is 0.6. a. Draw the tree. b. Write an equation for the value of being the…show more content…
The Chi-square test for the difference in means gives a p-value of 0.0379. What would you recommend for Larry? (No facetious comments.) Explain. He should drive more. With a p value of .0379 there is only a 3.79% variation in success which means since he is more successful at driving the basketball then that is what his strategy should be. b. Again analyzing his past data, Larry does a runs test. He finds the following results. Expected Number of Runs: 64.9; sd: 5.1064 z-value= 2.96274; His own data indicate 80 runs. What is he doing wrong? Explain. He is making too many changes from driving to jumpers and it is very significant with a z value of 2.96274 5. The diagram below shows the point value of having the ball on each yard line. It is taken from Romer’s “It’s fourth and two.” a. What is the value of having the ball on your own 30 yard line? _____1___ b. If you have the ball on your own 30 and gain 18 yards, how many points have you gained in expected value? _______1____ c. If you have the ball on the 30 and fumble, and your opponent recovers the ball at the same yard line, how many points have you lost in expected value?

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