Problems Facing Iraq At The Time

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James Alexandro Aranda
Dr. Peter G. Doas
19 October 2015
What Went Wrong in Iraq: Discussion
1. Problems Facing Iraq
As described by Diamond, one of the major problems facing Iraq at the time was the lack of a national security. After the war, the state of Iraq had collapsed along with social order. The national security was weakened, making the people in Iraq feel unsafe. The lack of national security is very harmful to a country, especially in terms of economics growth. When the people do not feel safe, they do not feel compelled to spend or invest much. He describes that social capital, such as trust and cooperation, was missing from the Iraqi people which left the economy stagnant.
The lack of national security also caused many rebel groups to rise which caused even more problems. When there is a lack of order in the government, such as with the occupying CPA, many people turn to other groups for protection or hope. The CPA did not have adequate resources to protect the national security. Even though they had a police force, they were poorly trained and poorly equipped—lacking cars radios and the other things which we consider essential equipment to any police force. The CPA did not hold a monopoly on the power in Iraq which allowed other groups to rise and gain political and military power. These groups easily targeted the police force as they became the victims of terrorist attacks. Among these terrorist groups was one led by a man maned Muqtada al-Sadr. This
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