Problems and Prospects of Smes in Bd

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Problems and Prospects of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector in Bangladesh

Abstract: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been recognized as one of the important means for providing better economic opportunities for the people of least developing countries like Bangladesh. The objective of this paper is to portray the present picture and provide some recommendations of SMEs sector in Bangladesh. The study was based on secondary data e.g. published journals & research articles. Financial and policy constraints are the main obstacle for the development of SMEs sector in Bangladesh. Although the Government of Bangladesh has recently taken up programs to provide financial assistances to expand SMEs through commercial banks,
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15 million to Tk. 200 |50-150 workers. |Tk. 5 million to Tk. 100 |25-50 workers. |
|Medium Industry |million | |million | |
| |Tk. 0.5 million to Tk. 15 |10-50 workers. |Tk. 0.5 million to Tk. 5 |10-25 workers. |
|Small Industry |million | |million | |

2.0 Objectives:

The main objective of the study is to draw the present scenario of SMEs sector, problems and prospects in Bangladesh. The objectives of this study are also as follows;

a) To appraise the present situation of SME in Bangladesh. b) To identify the problems and prospects of SME in Bangladesh. c) To recommend solutions to overcome the problems.

3.0 Methodology:

The study on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Bangladesh was based mainly on secondary data. I collected and read some published journals and research articles related to business, management and economies field. I also visited website of different institutions both local e.g. ICAB & international e.g. ADB and international journal publication authorities e.g. SSRN and collected articles related to my work. I also discussed with our course instructor and my friends to complete the work
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