Problems by Farmers and Immigrants in 1800's

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There were many problems faced by both farmers and immigrants in the late 1800’s. The economy was very shaky, the government was not stepping up to help, and the immigrants faced harsh times in their coming to America. Eventually many groups were formed to help with these issues. Farmers faced many issues in the 1800’s. First off, debt was a huge issue for farmers. Falling crop prices, unpaid loans, and crashing banks all led to the huge debt of farmers. Because the crop prices were falling in the horrible economy loans could not be paid back, unemployment soared, and businesses went under. There was also the tariff issue. Tariffs on imported goods were discouraging people to buy these products. They raised …show more content…

The government did try to help out though, with the Texas Seed Bill: providing seed grain to drought victims. They also tried the Interstate Commerce Act to regulate the prices of shipping through railroads, basing the cost in proportion to the distance traveled. Many groups were developed to help with these issues. The Grange developed by Oliver H Kelley to help farmers form cooperatives to buy large quantities

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