Problems of Developing Countries in International Trade

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Problems of Developing Countries in International Trade Developing countries and trade Introduction: International trade is an important source of foreign income in almost all developing economies, these countries are referred to as developing due to their low GDP level and they are faced with high levels of poverty and unemployment, according to David Ricardo and Adam smith international trade plays a crucial role in the development of an economy, the Mercantile theory of development states that trade led to the wealth of nation. This paper discus the various problems that the developing countries face in international trade and their effect on the agricultural, industrial and service sectors. Some of these problems are external while…show more content…
Quality and standards: Developed countries and developing countries tradfe partners set high standards for products exported, this lead to frequent ban on products produced in developing countries, A good example is the ban on fish imported from east Africa during Idian Amin reign, the reason was because the dictator had all the disabled people thrown into lake Victoria and therefore it was unhealthy to import fish from the lake. From the above example it is clear that developing countries will ban imports due to various reasons, in the example it was evident that most fish exported from east Africa was tilapia, tilapia fish is a glazer and fed on sea weed and not meat, however due to the act of the dictator fish imports were banned for health reasons. Other products have also been faced with the same problem, example beef from developing countries where a certain disease outbreak may result into a total ban in the exports of these products even after health checks on the slaughtered animals. This is a major draw back to the agricultural
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