Procrastination: A Behavior I Would Be Happy to Change

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Procrastination: A Behavior I would be Happy to Change
I strongly believe that procrastination remains one of the behaviors I should do away with. I do procrastinate a lot. In my opinion, I tend to engage in the said behavior largely because of the many tasks that I have to accomplish in any given day. For this reason, I find myself doing the least important tasks like checking my mails first instead of the most important or urgent tasks such as completing school related assignments. This behavior has cost me a lot. For instance, I do believe that were it not for this unfortunate behavior, my past academic performance would have been better. Putting off important tasks to a later time not only leaves me with less time to complete class assignments, but it also interferes with my exam revision. In that regard, kicking this habit would be both beneficial and timely. It is however important to note that I do not procrastinate all the time. Thus although stopping this behavior at this time would not be of immediate benefit, the move could prove beneficial going forward. Given the negative impact of my tendency to procrastinate, I have in the past thought of doing away with the said behavior once and for all. It therefore pains me to keep acting out the behavior. Before the behavior, I feel like I have a lot of time to attend to other tasks. It is only after acting out the behavior that I do realize I have wasted precious time. Indeed, after every procrastinating session, I
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